Caribbean Marine Weather Resources

By Ken Goodings

Updated: January 2024

As the seasons change, I share go-to resources relied upon by Caribbean cruisers who’ve tested them to make sure they’re PC and Android tablet-compatible. Of interest: the “red sky” adage only holds true in the mid-latitudes, where westerly winds prevail. In the Caribbean, our eastern trade winds prevail. Enjoy the sunset anyway!

Note: Caribbean shortwave weather nets for Winter 2024 are at the bottom of the page, below web links.

Caribbean Weather Websites

• ABCs Weather:

• Curaçao Met Department:

• Barbados Weather Satellite:

• Martinique Weather Radar (French):

• Panama Weather (Spanish; requires Adobe Flash Player and is not Android compatible):

• Trinidad & Tobago Weather Radar:

• US National Weather Service (for USVI and Puerto Rico):

 General Weather Websites

• Mike’s Weather Page:

• WINDFinder: (shows wind speed and direction for 14 days in about three-hour increments)

Ventusky (same look as Windytv, but different):

• ON Board ON Line:

• PassageWeather (provides seven-day wind, wave and weather forecasts)

• Weather Underground:

• General weather discussion on Wunderground Cat 6

Lead authors: Cofounder Dr. Jeff Masters, who flew NOAA Hurricane Hunters 1986-1990, & meteorologist Bob Henson, @bhensonweather

Weather Conversions

Commercial Marine Weather Service Websites

• Buoyweather (free two-day forecasts in addition to paid-for custom forecasts):

• Chris Parker’s Marine Weather Center (listen free on daily SSB nets or subscribe for daily e-mails for your area):

• Atlantic severe storm prediction (paid subscription):

Hurricane Information Websites

• Caribbean Hurricane Network (latest local updates from correspondents on the islands):

• US National Hurricane Center:

NHC Marine Weather Discussion

• NHC Offshore Reports:

• AccuWeather:

• Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart (print out for offline reference):

NOAA Climate Discussion:

• NHC Marine Graphicast:

John J. Kettlewell says, “The map at is an interactive pilot chart, showing current conditions around the world. When you open the page, you see the entire globe, and then you can zoom in to see smaller regions. Click on ‘Earth’ in the lower left to get a menu. You can choose to see the world’s current wind or current patterns, or ocean waves, all with animation.”

Caribbean Shortwave Weather Nets: Winter 2024

Updated: January 2024

Editor’s note: Ken Goodings takes time from his busy schedule to share his broadcast intel.

In case of maritime emergency, there is a 24/7 24-Hour Maritime Mobile Net (Emergency, Weather and Cruiser Assistance) at 14300 kHz USB/Ham. Any vessel in genuine distress may call in, even if not licenced for Amateur Radio (Ham).

Glenn, (callsign KPK in Florida) listens for emergency/humanitarian calls of any kind on his 1215 UTC morning SSCA net on 8104 kHz Upper Sideband, and again at 2130 UTC before the Trans Atlantic Net on 12350 kHz Upper Sideband (The Trans-Atlanta Cruisers Net is only live during periods when boats are coming and going from Europe to North America.)

Chris Parker of Marine Weather Center ( who is also in Florida, always listens for emergency traffic at the very beginning of every weather net on 4045, 8137 and 12350 kHz Upper Sideband.


  0915 0515 NOAA Daily Offshore Forecast Voice USB

  1000 0600 Daily Caribbean Weather 6215 kHz USB (Uncontrolled 1000-1200)

  1030 0630 Trinidad Emergency Net 3855 kHz LSB/Ham

  1030 0630 Caribbean Emergency & Weather Net 3815 kHz LSB/Ham

  1100 0700 Caribbean Net 7250 kHz LSB/Ham

 1100 0700 Eastern Caribbean Weather (Chris) Simulcast 4045 and 8137 kHz USB (Note 1)

 1130 0730 Bahamas Weather (Chris) Simulcast 4045 and 8137 kHz USB (see Note 1)

 1200 0800 Coconut Telegraph 4060   USB then joining the KPK net on 8104 kHz USB at 0815

 1215 0815 Cruising Safety Net – Radio KPK (Sponsored by SSCA) 8104 kHz USB

 1220 UTC Bahamas Weather Net 7096/3696 kHz LSB/Ham

 1230 UTC US East Coast, Western Atlantic N&W of Bermuda Weather (Parker) 8137 and 12350 USB kHz (Note 1)

 1245 UTC Waterway Cruising Club 7268 kHz LSB/Ham  

  1330 0930 Western Caribbean Weather (Parker) 8137 and 12350 kHz USB (see Note 1) – local time 0730

  1330 UTC Panama Connection Net, (Weather, security, and general info) 8107/8167 kHz USB

  1330 0930 Cruizheimers Net 8152 kHz USB

  1400 UTC Northwest Caribbean Net on 6209 kHz USB

  1530 1130 NOAA Daily Offshore Forecast Voice USB

  2130 1730 Caribbean Cocktail & Weather Net 7086 kHz LSB/Ham

  2130 1730 NOAA Offshore Forecast Voice USB

  2130 UTC Trans Atlantic Cruiser’s Net – Radio KPK (Sponsored by SSCA) 12350 kHz USB (see Note 3)

  2200 1800 Caribbean and Atlantic Weather (Parker) 8137 and 12350 kHz USB (see Notes 1 and 2)

  2230 1830 Caribbean Emergency & Weather Net 3815 kHz LSB/Ham

  0330 2330 NOAA Offshore Forecast Voice USB

24/7/365 24-Hour Maritime Mobile Net (Emergency, Weather and Cruiser Assistance) 14300 kHz USB/Ham

NOAA Radio Frequencies (in kHz):

NMN, Chesapeake, 4426, 6501, 8764, 13089

NMG, New Orleans, 4316, 8502, 12788

Note 1: Unless severe weather threatens, this net is not conducted on Sundays.

When there are active tropical systems in the Atlantic, Marine Weather Center (Parker) runs a net at 2300 UTC /1900 AST on 8.137 kHz USB.

Note 2:  Please hail Marine Weather Center 15 minutes before the net so that Parker knows where to aim his antenna to reach you. This net is geared primarily to offshore Atlantic and Pacific passage makers. For schedule updates, see

Note 3: The Trans-Atlanta Cruisers Net is only live during migration periods when boats are coming and going from Europe to North America. That Net is always on 12.350 kHz at 1230 hrs UTC.   KPK as net controller, will be assisted by stations WCY, KNC and KJM

• WWV discontinued the High Seas Storm Warnings (Voice) January 31, 2019

• During severe tropical storm or hurricane activity, information can be found continuously on the Hurricane Watch Net on 14.325 kHz USB Ham and 3.950 kHz LSB Ham.

• Anyone, licensed or not, may legally operate on any radio frequency in the event of life threatening or distress situations.

A more complete schedule of cruising nets is available at

Selected Cruisers VHF Nets (local time)

Nassau, Bahamas 0715 Ch-14

Luperon, Dominican Republic 0900 Ch-72

St. Martin/Maarten 0730 Ch-10 Monday-Saturday

English Harbour, Antigua 0900 Ch-06 Daily

Le Marin/St Anne, Martinique 0830 Ch-08 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Rodney Bay, St Lucia 0800 Ch-69 Monday-Saturday

Bequia, St. V & Grenadines 0800 Ch-68 Daily

Grenada 0730 Ch-66 (International) Monday-Saturday

    Note: If the 66 repeater is unavailable, listen on the alternate Ch-69 for this net.

Chaguaramas, Trinidad 0800 Ch-68 Daily

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 0745 Ch-72 as available

Curaçao 0745 Ch-72 Monday-Saturday

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