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Doyle Caribbean

Dear Compass,
Further to the letter in last month’s issue about who has rights if a boat anchors too close to a mooring:
In the case of an unauthorized mooring being placed — that is, with the owner having no water rights — if you pick up his mooring he can ask you to return the line; he owns that. But if you are simply anchored close to his mooring, he has no rights to the space and cannot legally make you move. I figure one should obey the law. I don’t think we want to encourage people to think they can take rights when they do not have them.
When boats have been anchored too close to my mooring I do not ask them to move. I anchor somewhere else, and then I go over by dinghy and try to find out how long they plan to stay so I can figure out what to do. Usually people do not want to move. Sometimes they are only staying a day or two, so I wait till they are gone. Once a Frenchman very kindly moved so I could use my mooring. I took him a bottle of wine.
Chris Doyle
Ti Kanot

Dear Compass,
On the 24th of January, I went ashore in Scarborough, Tobago to check out. As usual I went first to Immigration; it was 11:00AM. There I had to wait three quarters of an hour till the officer turned up. It was exactly 12:00 noon when I got my papers and stamps.

Next office was Customs, not far away. There the officer took a long time to do my papers. When he finally finished he charged me TT$246. That astonished me, as it was in the middle of the working day.
“Overtime,” was the answer. “It is lunch time, therefore you have to pay overtime!”
During a discussion, I was informed that this fee exists only in Tobago, not in Trinidad. It is on a written paper hanging on the wall beside the officer’s desk, and, so I was told, it is the law. I was informed that an overtime fee is to be paid before 7:00AM, between 11:00AM and noon, and after 4:00PM.

“But officer, I came here after 12:00, and now it is 1:00PM by my watch. Therefore I shouldn’t be charged for overtime.”
Now the officer was puzzled. He had to cancel the already written receipt.
Best to check out of Tobago shortly after 8:00AM, and ask before the procedure if there is overtime or not at that moment.
Angelika Grüner
S/Y Angelos

We asked Jesse James  — SSCA Station Host, Members Only Taxi and everybody’s go-to guy in T&T — to see if he could provide any information, which of course he did. See below. Note: The prices are given in TT$; to convert (approximately) to US$ divide by 6.5.

Hello, Compass,
Here is the info for Immigration:
This is supposed to apply to Tobago also.
Regular working hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM, with lunch hour normally 12:00 noon to 1:00PM. I asked about the 11:00AM to 12 noon lunch hour in Tobago, and office said that may have been the supervisor in charge at that time who made that decision.

Overtime charges apply before 8:00AM and after 4:00PM, and on weekends and public holidays.
The Immigration office in Chaguaramas is open from 6:00AM till 6:00PM, except for the lunch hour from 12:00 noon to 1:00PM. If additional services are needed you will have to go to the Boarding Station in Port of Spain, which is open 24/7. Their phone number is (868) 623-8147.

Overtime charges TT$100
Per change TT$100
Boarding TT$100
Clearance/Departure TT$100

Here is the info for Customs:
The Customs office is open 24/7 in Chaguaramas. Regular working hours are 24 hours Sunday to Sunday, and on public holidays, 8:00AM to 4:00PM. No overtime charge except as noted below.

Boarding TT$264.20
Clearance TT$224.91
Navigation fee TT$50 monthly. (It’s a month-by-month fee. If checked in and out the same month it remains TT$50.)
Harbor Master fee TT$10. Overtime rate applies 9:00PM to 6:00AM, and on weekends and public holidays: TT$15.
Ship spares to check in at Customs during regular hours TT$88.70. Outside regular hours, and on weekends and public holidays: TT$117.41
Hope this clears up all queries. Please do let me know if you have any further questions.
Jesse James

Dear Compass Readers,
I’m writing in the hope that among you sailors there is at least one entrepreneurial type who has escaped from the confines of a successful background in the world of publishing; a literary agent would be best.
I am an old sailor whose maritime adventures in the Caribbean date back to the ’60s. Unlike the beloved Don Street, I didn’t have the monetary wisdom to turn my sailing adventures into literary income, nor did I have the foresight to put efforts into selling beer or insurance.

My nature took me from adventure to adventure through a variety of vessels from commercial fishing boats, diverse entrepreneurial efforts on sailing yachts in the Caribbean, to captaining large motoryachts and even a clapped-out 2000-ton freighter. These efforts, now and then, built my savings and in 2002 I quit my last steady job, which was as the captain of a motoryacht owned by a Venezuelan banker, and began what, in retrospect, was a serious writing effort. I now have eight books competing with the other 8,000 on Amazon. Not for me to judge my books, but I know they are as good or better than many that are making money. Mine are not making any money, which makes it obvious I do not have an agent and am not versed at Internet selling.

So here’s the deal: I’m looking for someone to handle the promotion and sale of these books for half of the income created, and to own the books and all of the income after my death. I am 84 years old. Find the eight books on Amazon using the author name David R. Barton. There is a series called “The Crimes and Loves of Tony Bartoni” that includes Crimes Thrills, Smuggling Sex Diving Sailing, Fleeing Trouble, Going Going Gone and Last Chance. The other three books are Shaman Bay, The Boy Who Heard Too Much and Paths to Murder.
Interested? E-mail me at, phone (340) 642-1265, or write to David Barton, PO Box 26421, St. Croix, USVI, 00824.
David Barton

Dear Compass Readers,
Many have asked to hear about our trips to Haiti and want photos, video and stories. This is your window to the Canadian ship R Heritage Too, the ongoing efforts in Haiti, and the sailing adventure covered by Blue World Expeditions.

Blue World Expeditions proudly sponsors Friends of Ile a Vache Haiti. This is a Registered Canadian Charity that has no overhead. Every dime goes to a Haitian hand. All vessels and crew have to pay their own way. We can send you a Canadian tax receipt for donations.

R Heritage Too left Florida for Haiti in February, loaded with donations, after several months of upgrades and maintenance. For updates visit You can also track the vessel’s movements via AIS using free programs such Vessel Finder online. You can get an app for this at the Apple store.
Our Facebook page at Friends of Ile a Vache Haiti has up-to-date news on our projects in Haiti and general news on Haiti. Our general website, which includes a link to make donations, is
Thank you for your support. We are Haiti bound, listing a bit to port with a very good load, about four tons, of aid on board!
Captain Bruce Leeming
Friends of Ile a Vache Haiti

Dear Compass Readers,
We want to hear from YOU!

Be sure to include your name, boat name or shoreside address,
and a way we can contact you (preferably by e-mail) if clarification is required.

We do not publish individual consumer complaints
or individual regatta results complaints. (Kudos are okay!)
We do not publish anonymous letters; however,
your name may be withheld from print at your request.
Please keep letters shorter than 600 words.
Letters may be edited for length, clarity and fair play.

Send your letters to:
or fax (784) 457-3410
Compass Publishing Ltd.
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